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UrBema™ offers one of the best hair reseller opportunities in the industry. If you're an urban or black hair product distributor, hair vendor, beauty retail chain or consultant, become an UrBema™ Channel Partner. You'll enjoy a lucrative co-branding relationship with a top wholesale hair weave and wigs company!

As a hair reseller in our Channel Partner program, we feature your brand name on your choice of the hair goods manufactured by UrBema. This makes it easy to increase your profits by selling our synthetic or human hair weave, hair extensions, and lace front wigs.


Hair Reseller Profits are Everywhere

When you become our Channel Partner, we design packaging that spotlights your brand name and hair business logo. This offers you, our valued hair reseller, opportunities galore!

There’s huge demand everywhere for luxurious Remy hair weave, human hair extensions, and lace wigs. Co-brand our hair to sell:

  • Online - If you have a hair website or want to open an e-store, our hair reseller program provides a great way to earn profits over the Internet.
  • Offline -If you're a hair product distributor, consultant or beauty chain, sell your own line of wholesale Remy hair weave, hair extensions, and lace wigs. These are hot sellers for those catering to the urban black hair clientele.

Easy Ordering System for Hair Resellers

UrBema™ makes the hair ordering process easy for every Channel Partner. Our website showcases a complete line of our wholesale Remy hair weave, lace wigs, and other quality goods.

Our streamlined ordering system at can be completed via electronic payment with us by phone or over the Web. Contact us today for details about joining UrBema™ as an Authorized Urbema™ Distributor or co-branded Hair Reseller.

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Channel Partner Marketing Kits

UrBema™ provides our hair resellers the sharpest marketing tools, ensuring you easy entry in the competitive hair weave, hair extensions, and wig marketplace. Each hair distributor or consultant in the program can choose from the three levels of UrBema™ Marketing Kit:

  • Premier Hair Reseller Pack
    • 5 pieces of Urbema™ Hair Extensions
    • 3 small Urbema™ Key Samples
    • Starter Pack brochures with folders (250 pcs)
    • Business Cards (200 pcs)
    • Marketing Post Cards (300 pcs)
  • Executive Hair Reseller Pack
    • 3 pieces of Urbema™ Hair Extensions
    • 2 small Urbema™ Key Samples
    • Starter Pack brochures with folders (50 pcs)
    • Business Cards (200 pcs)
    • Marketing Post Cards (200 pcs)
  • Starter Hair Reseller Pack
    • 2 pieces of Urbema™ Hair Extensions
    • 2 small Urbema™ Key Samples
    • Starter Pack brochures with folders (12 pcs)
    • Business Cards (200 pcs)
    • Marketing Post Cards (100 pcs)

Marketing & Distribution Support for Hair Resellers

UrBema is committed to assisting our Channel Partners with marketing, including those hair resellers focused on the black hair market. We implement high-quality campaigns leveraging Digital Signage, Social Media, Black Hair Magazines, Online Ads, and other distinctive direct marketing vehicles.

We go the distance to ensure our Channel Partners' success. Contact us now to get started as a hair reseller with UrBema™, the leader in wholesale hair weave and wholesale lace wigs!

There are various ways to earn with us, depending on your current hair business structure and goals:

  • Hair salon owners and hair product distributors can become a Channel Partner. This lucrative arrangement helps you succeed as an added-value hair reseller, co-branding our synthetic and human hair weave and wigs under your business name and logo.
  • Hair stylists can become a Urbema™ Certified Stylist Consultant. You'll receive special training on using and selling our signature human hair weave extensions. Once certified, you'll enjoy special prices on our high quality hair weave from Asia and other wholesale hair products.
  • Hair bloggers and beauty website publishers can earn commissions by marketing UrBema™ and our partners online and offline. In fact, we offer several profitable opportunities that hair bloggers and beauty publishers love. Learn about our Online Affiliate Program or become our Social Marketing Partner.
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Grow Your Hair Business with UrBema™

We help hair professionals grow without boundaries. Our partner opportunities are structured to benefit the smallest or newest hair business up to the largest retail chain, and even those who’re hair resellers online in e-commerce.

UrBema™ provides every partner or style consultant marketing tools that guarantee you rapid success. To start making money through UrBema, learn about our exciting hair business opportunities here:

  • Channel Partner / Hair Reseller
  • Special Opportunities:
    • UrBema™ Referral Program
    • Urbema™ Certified Stylist Consultant
    • Online Affiliate Program
    • Social Marketing Partner
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